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  1. Workers’ Compensation and the Aging Workforce

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Older Americans continue to delay their retirement or reenter the workforce to supplement their income and combat the effects of a down economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of workers between the ages of 55 and 64 is estimated to climb to 29.3 million by 2020 and make up almost 18 […]

  2. Flood Insurance

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Category: Insurance


    Just a single inch of water from flooding can cause costly damage to your home. Here’s what you need to know about insuring against damages caused by flooding. CONTACT US TODAY: Tel: (303) 871-8880 What Protection Does it Offer? A standard homeowners policy does not cover damages from flooding. A separate flood policy is needed […]

  3. Workers’ Compensation Services Overview

    by Cameron Bramwell

    HOW IS YOUR BROKER HELPING YOU LOWER YOUR WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PREMIUMS? Workers’ Compensation is a large and necessary cost, but there are still opportunities to save.  We’ll help you reduce claims and control costs by establishing workplace safety policies, streamlining your reporting procedures and identifying top loss sources.  JJ Insurance also offers a complimentary mod […]

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  4. 3 Things You Should Know About Your Workers’ Compensation Audit

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Although in many circumstances the word audit has a negative connotation, in the workers’ compensation world, an audit is simply the process that determines the actual premium due for a policy period. The premium paid at the beginning of a workers’ compensation policy period is based on estimated payroll and classification code information. Actual payroll […]

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  5. Dwelling Fire Coverage

    by Cameron Bramwell

    If you own rental or investment properties, you need to protect them from a host of potential perils, including fire, lightning, vandalism and theft. If your primary residence is located on the rental or investment property, a homeowners policy would cover you from many of the potential risks. But what if you live somewhere else? […]

  6. Why Are Auto Insurance Prices Rising?

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Inflation will cause the price of all insurance policies to rise slowly, but you may have noticed that your auto insurance has risen more than normal lately. Most lines of insurance cycle between soft and hard markets over a number of years, which has a direct impact on the price you pay. Now, the auto […]

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  7. Privacy and Cyber Security

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Know the Risks The first step in protecting your business is to recognize basic types of risk: Hackers, attackers and intruders. These terms are applied to people who seek to exploit weaknesses in software and computer systems for their personal gain. Although their intentions are sometimes benign, their actions are typically in violation of the […]

  8. Creating a Workers’ Compensation Process

    by Cameron Bramwell

    For the unprepared, workers’ compensation (WC) issues can be both confusing and costly. Fortunately for employers, there are ways to actively engage WC issues to influence their outcomes. Through management controls and active involvement in the WC process, your organization can effectively influence related costs. To do so you will have to establish a number […]

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  9. Officer Exclusion from Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Most states require employers to purchase a workers’ compensation insurance policy to cover workers who are injured or made ill due to a workplace exposure. While owners and corporate officers can exclude themselves from coverage, there are potential drawbacks to opting out that need to be seriously considered before you make your decision. Executive officers […]

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  10. Colorado Workers’ Compensation- Employee Eligibility

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Workers’ compensation is a system of no-fault insurance that provides medical benefits and monetary compensation to employees who sustain work-related injuries and diseases. Workers’ compensation is governed by state law. The Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado (WCAC) prescribes the requirements an employee must meet in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits in the state. The […]

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