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  1. Yes, Employee Stress is a Problem for Your Business

    by Cameron Bramwell

    No question, modern life is stressful. Most of us live in a pressure cooker of worries about work, money, health, family responsibilities like caring for children or aging parents, and the technology that keeps us in touch with everyone, all the time. What do those other elements have to do with the workplace? A lot. […]

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  2. Do I Need Flood Insurance?

    by Cameron Bramwell

    When floodwater from a severe, week-long storm started pouring through the walls of Becky Bentley’s house, she knew she had to get out fast. In the short time it took her and her son to run upstairs to grab the family cat, the rapidly rising water trapped them on the second floor of their home. […]

  3. Health Benefits of Sunlight Exposure

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Most people are familiar with the risks of unprotected sun exposure, such as sunburn, wrinkles, freckles, eye damage and skin cancer. However, although overexposure to the sun is bad for your health, getting enough exposure to sunlight is necessary and beneficial. Adequate time in the sun gives you several benefits: A boost in serotonin, a […]

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  4. 2015 Goal Setting

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Resolutions are possibly the best and worst part of beginning a new year. Who doesn’t like a fresh start or a new challenge? However, New Year’s resolutions can often be viewed negatively. Part of the reason many resolutions fail is that the term is seasonal and fixed to a very specific holiday. Come February, New […]

  5. Celebrate Responsibly

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Category: SafetySeasonal


    The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends. If you’ll be celebrating the season with alcohol, these tips will help you drink responsibly to stay safe this holiday season. Staying Safe While Celebrating the Season Designate a Driver Someone dies in an alcohol-related traffic accident in the United States every 30 minutes, […]

  6. Sunscreen Specifics

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Use Sunscreen of SPF 15 or Higher During the Summer Season This applies to all outdoor activities: walking, biking, swimming, running, gardening, etc. Use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) with a SPF of 15 or higher every day.  On days that reach 90 degrees or above, SPF 30 sunscreen is recommended The average adult in a […]

  7. Stay Safe in the Sun

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Skin cancer is both dangerous and common – it is the most common form of cancer in the United States and over two million people are diagnosed annually. Even more startling, sun exposure is the primary cause of over 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancer cases reported in the United States. Though basking in the […]

  8. Healthy Meals on a Budget

    by Cameron Bramwell

    Eating healthy on a limited budget may seem impossible, but with a little time, planning and strategic shopping, you can eat healthier and stay within your means. Importance of Planning Planning your meals for the week is the best place to start. Planning will help you make sure you are including foods from each food […]

  9. The Best Barbecue Sauce. Period.

    by Cameron Bramwell

    With May being National Barbecue Month, I figured a post pertaining to the subject would be appropriate.  And what could be better than a barbecue sauce that will leave you on the floor- either on your knees begging for more or unable to move because of the tasteful divinity. Recipe for the ultimate BBQ sauce: […]

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  10. Memorial Day 2014!

    by Cameron Bramwell

      Memorial Day is a great time to honor those who died while serving and protecting our country.  All the service men and women allow this country to truly be the land of the free and the home of the brave.  The holiday began being celebrated after the American Civil War, in which hundreds of […]

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